Jack Ketch (jack_ketch) wrote in hobo_empire,
Jack Ketch

Barbarian Apocalypse - Story So Far

The Characters:

Arnold Spicejar - Barbarian
Grabbius Maximus - Rogue
Farrin - Ranger
Brother Wingnut - Cleric
Endrin - Monk

One day, while working in the village a group of kobold spies were sighted. It was learnt that the kobolds were planning on capturing the villagers and selling them to Gnoll slavers.

When the PCs attacked the kobolds the Gnoll slaver was killed, and the Kobold king mistakenly believed the Gnolls were planning on attaking them and had been responsible for the deaths at the two outlying kobold camps.

Likewise the Gnolls, not hearing from their envoy, assumed that kobolds had attacked him and so did in fact attack the Kobolds, enslaving them.

They then attacked the human village capturing Farrin and the PCs parents.

Farrin escaped and found the others leading them to Gnoll camp. The camp was visited by Hobgoblins, Orcs, a Illithid and one other visitor who the others seemed to fear.  However the villagers were rescued before the 4th visitor arrived. The only sign of it's presence was an area of flattened grass.

After relocating the villagers the PCs set off to investigate the Orcs.
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