Jack Ketch (jack_ketch) wrote in hobo_empire,
Jack Ketch

Barbarian Apocalypse: Skills

Lets look at skills and how useful they are at the start of Barbarian Apocalypse...

Alchemy - While it can be used as a Craft skill, there are probably more useful Crafts to be used.

Animal Empathy - Very useful to avoid combat with animals too powerful for you to deal with.

Appraise - Despite no currency, this is a useful skill to use in terms of bartering and determining the true worth of found items.

Balance - Did anyone have this in the Hubworld Saga? I think it only got checked once during Shard.

Bluff - Possibly of use in dealing with Humanoids and for feinting purposes, but the lack oif civilisation lowers its usefulness.

Climb - Always useful. Especially so when investigating Ruins.

Concentration - Always Useful For Spellcasters.

Craft - Vital, barring stealing from monsters this is pretty much how the PCs are going to equip themselves.  However it does require funds so therefore you need to barter for materials equivalent to the raw material cost, or use Profession to earn it.

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