Jack Ketch (jack_ketch) wrote in hobo_empire,
Jack Ketch

Barbarian Apocalypse

The next D&D campaign I am running after the Hubworld Saga ends/goes on hiatus.
Here is how it currently stands -

The settting : A small settlement of humans/demi humans on the brink of savagery. Surrounded at all sides by evil monstrous races and dangerous beasts. Currency in near useless, co-operation, barter and self sufficiency is the order of the day if you want to survive.

The idea: Unlike the last campaign, I'm planning on building this setting slowly. Movement and Encumberance could be more important. Craft and Profession skills certainly will. Knowledge of the area, and the "meta-plot" will be revealed as the characters advance and explore more of the world.  While I'm going to focus on survival, I also want to incorporate a mystery plot line as it worked so well at the start of the Hubworld Saga and in the Secret Government 8 adventure in J.O.K.E.
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