Jack Ketch (jack_ketch) wrote in hobo_empire,
Jack Ketch

Shadow JOKE

This is the JOKE who they are about to run across. Rather than a simple evil-twin set up, they are totally different riffs on their concepts. Of which Mr Mystery is the key, and the one I intend to keep past this session.

Mr Mystery - "The Emperor Of Menace"

Mr Mystery is a masked criminal. He has been killed 9 nine times, however each time an innocent man died in his stead. Sometimes he commits crimes for profit. Other times simply to spread fear of his name.

He is hunted by photojournalist Kirk Cooper, who suspects Mr Mystery of being an unknown twin of his, and Inspector Diamond.

Based on characters such as Fantomas and Diabolik. With a skull like mask similar to Kriminal.

Amelia 'Aero' Hairhart

Occasional lover of Mr Mystery, she is a murderous hijacker and assassin. Pilots a stolen VTOL experimental aircraft.

Based on character from Diabolik and Angelina from Stainless Steel Rat. With a spot of Enemy Ace thrown in for good measure.

Note in contrast to the good Aero, she has short cropped hair a la the Carlos Ezquerra version of Angelina.

Professor Robert Psycho

The one with the biggest ambitions, and lowest profile. He intends to destroy civilisation via a network of pawns he controls via mind control and his apparant shapeshifting abilities. Some have argued that the Aero and Mr Mystery are but pawns rather than allies.

Based somewhat on Dr Mabuse, with a dose of Dr Phibes for good measure.

Note this Psycho lacks electrical control.

Chenook (Professor Frank Black)

A former archeologist and anthropologist, who resorted to canibalism on an ill fated trip in Canada. He died, but the curse of the Wendigo brought him back to life. He is wanted across the world as a dangerous serial killer. His personality flits between that of Frank, a savage murderous creature of superhuman strength and claims of being the living embodiment of a long dead wind god.

Psycho offers him protection in return for use of his strength. However is it this dead god influencing Psycho in turn.

Note this Chenook lacks the concrete skin and tentacles. However it is immune to all physical attacks (bar silver) and can control the weather.

Influenced by the fact there is a "Chenook Wind", leading to using Ithaqua from the Cthulhu Mythos and Wendigo Myth to flesh out the concept.
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