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Jokexiles #1 & #2

Bip bip bippy. It's a report from the Hobo Empire.

The JOKE Universe 2 campaign is over. After what? 5 years? Though only about 2 years of actual gaming. The universe is now back in the Marvel Multiverse. However JOKE aren't in that one! Yes, it's a Exiles/Quantum Leap/Sliders type thingy.

Universe #1

Instead they found themselves in a universe where JOKE had split up over merchandising deals and become rich assholes. So they teamed up with Doctor Doom to discredit them in return for a dimensional hopping machine. However they had no idea which number theirs was. So Mr Mystery punched in EARTH-69.

Universe #2

In EARTH-69 they discovered that the Invaders had been playing a festival for 37 years and the entire western world was devoted to the continuation of this gig. The Invaders' proteges "The Joke Band" had just been assassinated by The Space Punx from the Year 2007 (Machinehenry Rollins, Jonny Forgotton, Sid Viscous and THE COMPOSITE RAMONE), people from punk dimension hired by a mysterious stranger to kill this band.

Travelling to the Soviet Union, they discovered the mysterious stranger had given the Soviets a copy of the Super Soldier Serum as a back up plan. However they discovered from the defected Fabtastic Four that The Invaders had sold their souls to SPACE SATAN in return for the sort of talent that allows festivals to last all year.

JOKE were then summoned to the moon by a Watcher, AOKAY, who explained that a mysterious being was going through universes killling JOKEs, just before pivotal events involving said beings. Until he was caught, JOKE cannot return home, and must chase him from universe to universe filling in for the dead JOKEs.

So JOKE went and performed at the gig. The song "Corn Oil Love" cast a spell summoning SPACE SATAN to Earth. JOKE then kicked his ass, breaking hippiedom's evil sway over this world. Their job done, JOKE went to the next universe...
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