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Sunday, June 25th, 2006
10:21 pm
The New Gentlemen Of Murder
Deathtrap - Trap designing octagenarian in battle armour.
The False Idol - Intelligent polymer with loyalty inducing power.
Intelligensia - Hyper intelligent alien ruler of a distant planet.
Dr Magenta - Mad Scientist with penchant for atomic death robots.
Lukas Klawtooth - Cowboy who sold his soul for demonic pistols.
Audacio - Evil extra dimensional telepathic slaver.
Billy Misery - Gambler with the ability to contol probability.
Heist - Master thief with sense for the dramatic.
Tuesday, June 13th, 2006
5:09 pm
Armageddon Diary Part 1
Archeologist Dr. Noah Visible claimed their were portents that would lead to "harbingers of doom" arriving.

And they did.

These "Harbingers" turned out to be the original JOKE who had been trapped in 1900s earth:

Aero/Dune Prime
Joe Public
Mr Mystery/Kenny Thistle
Vampire Kid


Thoth and Zero Agency attempted to eliminate the terrestrial Ever-Men, but failed. However in the meantime they were building a Ancient Evaporator Cannon that killed all the Ancients in the galaxy, apart from the "Harbinger" Chenook. This Chenook took the place of JOKE's Chenook on the team.


Currently In Jail:

Hamilton Zeus (Possessing the body of Silence Zeus)
G.E.E.K. (Genetic Entity Engineered for Killing)
The Grump
Saturday, March 4th, 2006
9:14 pm
Shadow JOKE
This is the JOKE who they are about to run across. Rather than a simple evil-twin set up, they are totally different riffs on their concepts. Of which Mr Mystery is the key, and the one I intend to keep past this session.

Mr Mystery - "The Emperor Of Menace"

Mr Mystery is a masked criminal. He has been killed 9 nine times, however each time an innocent man died in his stead. Sometimes he commits crimes for profit. Other times simply to spread fear of his name.

He is hunted by photojournalist Kirk Cooper, who suspects Mr Mystery of being an unknown twin of his, and Inspector Diamond.

Based on characters such as Fantomas and Diabolik. With a skull like mask similar to Kriminal.

Amelia 'Aero' Hairhart

Occasional lover of Mr Mystery, she is a murderous hijacker and assassin. Pilots a stolen VTOL experimental aircraft.

Based on character from Diabolik and Angelina from Stainless Steel Rat. With a spot of Enemy Ace thrown in for good measure.

Note in contrast to the good Aero, she has short cropped hair a la the Carlos Ezquerra version of Angelina.

Professor Robert Psycho

The one with the biggest ambitions, and lowest profile. He intends to destroy civilisation via a network of pawns he controls via mind control and his apparant shapeshifting abilities. Some have argued that the Aero and Mr Mystery are but pawns rather than allies.

Based somewhat on Dr Mabuse, with a dose of Dr Phibes for good measure.

Note this Psycho lacks electrical control.

Chenook (Professor Frank Black)

A former archeologist and anthropologist, who resorted to canibalism on an ill fated trip in Canada. He died, but the curse of the Wendigo brought him back to life. He is wanted across the world as a dangerous serial killer. His personality flits between that of Frank, a savage murderous creature of superhuman strength and claims of being the living embodiment of a long dead wind god.

Psycho offers him protection in return for use of his strength. However is it this dead god influencing Psycho in turn.

Note this Chenook lacks the concrete skin and tentacles. However it is immune to all physical attacks (bar silver) and can control the weather.

Influenced by the fact there is a "Chenook Wind", leading to using Ithaqua from the Cthulhu Mythos and Wendigo Myth to flesh out the concept.
Thursday, March 2nd, 2006
5:58 pm
More Jokeniverse Hopping
1) JOKE arrived in a Scooby Doo-based universe where they battled versions of CRYPT and Trent Steel. In this universe:

Chenook = Frankie Black (Freddie cypher)
Psycho = Roberta Blockly (Velma cypher)
Aero = Amelia Hairhart (Daphne cypher)
Mr Mystery = The Mystery-Moblile (Mystery Machine cypher)

In addition there was:

Norville "Sketchy" McDraw (Shaggy cypher)
Zeusie Zoo (Scooby cypher).

2) JOKE arrived in a Kaiju-based universe where they battled giant monster versions of their enemies sent to earth by Planet Z. In this universe:

Chenook was a giant version of the pre-2000 Chenook (i.e. he had a tail)
Mr Mystery was a Jet Jaguar type robot.
Aero was a giant Cousin It type monster.
Psycho was... wait I've forgotten. It breathed lightning anyway.

The final monster was King Zeus (3 headed sound blasting dragon).

3) They arrived in a Planet of The Apes universe. Here JOKE were still alive. They were:

Mr Marmoset

They also met astronaut Hubert Heston, a human version of Chief Inspector Chimp, who had time travelled via spacecraft from 1963. (The trip that created The Invaders in JOKE's universe).

Sent to kill this world's JOKE were a pre-2000 incarnation of The Eight, namely the version led by Professor Awful. Apparantly this was the Professor Awful from the pre-2000 timeline who had been plucked from the timestream by the mysterious individual(s) who are killing all the JOKEs off. (he had been put there by Animator).

4) Leaving the Ape world with Hubert in tow (now with Mind Control powers from Mr Mystery's radiation), they found themselves on a world were JOKE are feared as villains...
Sunday, February 5th, 2006
9:20 pm
Jokexiles #1 & #2
Bip bip bippy. It's a report from the Hobo Empire.

The JOKE Universe 2 campaign is over. After what? 5 years? Though only about 2 years of actual gaming. The universe is now back in the Marvel Multiverse. However JOKE aren't in that one! Yes, it's a Exiles/Quantum Leap/Sliders type thingy.

Universe #1

Instead they found themselves in a universe where JOKE had split up over merchandising deals and become rich assholes. So they teamed up with Doctor Doom to discredit them in return for a dimensional hopping machine. However they had no idea which number theirs was. So Mr Mystery punched in EARTH-69.

Universe #2

In EARTH-69 they discovered that the Invaders had been playing a festival for 37 years and the entire western world was devoted to the continuation of this gig. The Invaders' proteges "The Joke Band" had just been assassinated by The Space Punx from the Year 2007 (Machinehenry Rollins, Jonny Forgotton, Sid Viscous and THE COMPOSITE RAMONE), people from punk dimension hired by a mysterious stranger to kill this band.

Travelling to the Soviet Union, they discovered the mysterious stranger had given the Soviets a copy of the Super Soldier Serum as a back up plan. However they discovered from the defected Fabtastic Four that The Invaders had sold their souls to SPACE SATAN in return for the sort of talent that allows festivals to last all year.

JOKE were then summoned to the moon by a Watcher, AOKAY, who explained that a mysterious being was going through universes killling JOKEs, just before pivotal events involving said beings. Until he was caught, JOKE cannot return home, and must chase him from universe to universe filling in for the dead JOKEs.

So JOKE went and performed at the gig. The song "Corn Oil Love" cast a spell summoning SPACE SATAN to Earth. JOKE then kicked his ass, breaking hippiedom's evil sway over this world. Their job done, JOKE went to the next universe...
Saturday, October 8th, 2005
3:21 pm
Hella random Joke gumpf
Mr Mystery
Joe Public
Sonic II
Grebo The Dextrous
Brush I
Vampire Kid

Classic JOKE line up there - Ian/Darran/Martin/Martin/Martyn/Barry/Graham era.

Ace Of Spades
Cosmic Overlord

I can't believe those above 7 were in a team called The Funk Brothers... That's a fucking awful name for a team. "I am the Droid" however is a fucking great name. I'd totally forgot him when doing the reboot - in fact all of the them barring Ace.

The G.O.D. Slayer - more acronyms that mean nothing - this was villainous version of Runaway/Sonic I, back when symbiotic aliens were cool

Kid Genius - another good codename

The Omni-Joke - a typical Amazo/Super Skrull/Super Adaptoid style villain.

Cataclysm - The character responisble for both JOKE universes, turned out to be a future version of Animator. Currently a villain in my D&D campaign.

Whiteheart the Hunter - Cataclysm's nemesis, and also by default Animator's.

Professor Awful
The Blur
Acorn Man
Karate Kar

An incarnation of the JOKE's main super villain team nemeses THE EIGHT. Skirmish was a character from my old secondary school campaign. Prof Awful, CyberScalpel, Expando and Acorn Man were from the deliberately goofy Awful Things team. Karate Kar, was goofy creaton of my brother's. Gore and The Blur are good names though.

The Warp - I think this guy got used once in the "JOKE are tricked into killing Bill Clinton" campaign. I note he has a silly real name - Reg Muscle.

Lord Junk - This guy was from the same campaign - but had a bit more thought put into him. He was basically a blue collar magneto. As opposed to the Warp who was some random powers with a name...

The Liar - Same campaign - but used a lot after it. In fact became an arch villain for a while. Thinking about it now, this is one my typical fast talking characters I tend to play as Player Characters. At this point he was Batman style villain, as I note he had two hench-Las Vegas showgirls called True and False.

Sun of Ra - Ah, one of my favourite villains. An ancient egyptian Sun worshipping Pharoah with light based powers. And a pun for a name.  I introduced him when Eclipse replaced Slasher on the team after Slasher had turned Bill Clintron to crystal and Fox had smashed him. Fox escaped punishment by changing his name to Chipmonk.

Cavern - a super powered Lee Harvey Oswald with an intelligent gun

Not sure I used them at this time - definately did eventually. Inkling is great name. Cavern is a crap name, but he had a nutzoid origin to make up for it.

The Silence - never used, but given to tha_moose as the basis for his Farside character.

Bloodsport - great name, great power - hallucinogenic blood, silly origin - he's a Scottish ninja.

Archive - a villain out of nowhere, not used at this point, but later she was the leader of CAD. She could copy peoples minds and had a photographic memory. Working as one of JOKE's staff she made copies of all their minds and used their knowledge against them.

Dead Mob - origiinally was going to be called Electric Caesar, eventually became the ghost of a gangster who could animate and possess the bodies of the dead. One of my better villains.

Tony Diamond - ambiguous villain, no real power beyond a strong forcefield. Kind based on someone who worked at Terry's while I was there.

That's all the Marvel Advanced stuff in this book I found. I'll deal with the stuff in the book for the Adventure Game later.
Sunday, January 2nd, 2005
8:59 am
Barbarian Apocalypse - Story So Far
The Characters:

Arnold Spicejar - Barbarian
Grabbius Maximus - Rogue
Farrin - Ranger
Brother Wingnut - Cleric
Endrin - Monk

One day, while working in the village a group of kobold spies were sighted. It was learnt that the kobolds were planning on capturing the villagers and selling them to Gnoll slavers.

When the PCs attacked the kobolds the Gnoll slaver was killed, and the Kobold king mistakenly believed the Gnolls were planning on attaking them and had been responsible for the deaths at the two outlying kobold camps.

Likewise the Gnolls, not hearing from their envoy, assumed that kobolds had attacked him and so did in fact attack the Kobolds, enslaving them.

They then attacked the human village capturing Farrin and the PCs parents.

Farrin escaped and found the others leading them to Gnoll camp. The camp was visited by Hobgoblins, Orcs, a Illithid and one other visitor who the others seemed to fear.  However the villagers were rescued before the 4th visitor arrived. The only sign of it's presence was an area of flattened grass.

After relocating the villagers the PCs set off to investigate the Orcs.
Friday, November 19th, 2004
6:40 pm
Barbarian Apocalypse: Skills
Lets look at skills and how useful they are at the start of Barbarian Apocalypse...

Alchemy - While it can be used as a Craft skill, there are probably more useful Crafts to be used.

Animal Empathy - Very useful to avoid combat with animals too powerful for you to deal with.

Appraise - Despite no currency, this is a useful skill to use in terms of bartering and determining the true worth of found items.

Balance - Did anyone have this in the Hubworld Saga? I think it only got checked once during Shard.

Bluff - Possibly of use in dealing with Humanoids and for feinting purposes, but the lack oif civilisation lowers its usefulness.

Climb - Always useful. Especially so when investigating Ruins.

Concentration - Always Useful For Spellcasters.

Craft - Vital, barring stealing from monsters this is pretty much how the PCs are going to equip themselves.  However it does require funds so therefore you need to barter for materials equivalent to the raw material cost, or use Profession to earn it.

Thursday, November 18th, 2004
8:41 pm
Barbarian Apocalypse

The next D&D campaign I am running after the Hubworld Saga ends/goes on hiatus.
Here is how it currently stands -

The settting : A small settlement of humans/demi humans on the brink of savagery. Surrounded at all sides by evil monstrous races and dangerous beasts. Currency in near useless, co-operation, barter and self sufficiency is the order of the day if you want to survive.

The idea: Unlike the last campaign, I'm planning on building this setting slowly. Movement and Encumberance could be more important. Craft and Profession skills certainly will. Knowledge of the area, and the "meta-plot" will be revealed as the characters advance and explore more of the world.  While I'm going to focus on survival, I also want to incorporate a mystery plot line as it worked so well at the start of the Hubworld Saga and in the Secret Government 8 adventure in J.O.K.E.
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